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Learn Stock Trading

Have you ever wondered how to trade in options, or how to learn stock trading?

You can now learn how to trade stocks and options at a professional level with Trade Genie’s range of in-depth stock and options trading courses on trading mastery, written and presented live by our own Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan.

Ten Years Of Winning Trades & Rave Reviews

Before going any further, please take a look at Noshee’s trade statistics on our Winners Page and Trade Genie’s options reviews on our testimonials page, as well as on our Facebook and Trustpilot pages.

Whether you want to learn how to trade stock options, or find the best stock trading courses online, you can rest assured that you have arrived at the right place to take your trading skills to a whole new level.

Principles Apply To All Stock Market Trading Systems

The Same Principles Apply To All Stock Market Trading Systems

The same principles apply to whether you are learning how to trade in options or how to trade stocks, and therefore our live online trading courses are designed to maximize both types of stock market investment opportunities.

Noshee has made his own fortune in stocks and options trading over the past two decades, has a passion for the markets, and still enjoys trading daily. We are blessed that he feels the desire to share his vast knowledge and trading secrets with us.

Many years ago, while developing his own skills and knowledge as a trader, Noshee received the help of many accomplished traders. And now he himself says: “helping empower others to achieve their own dreams is my greatest reward.”

Successful stock and options trading can create enormous wealth rapidly. Browsing the gains on our winners’ page you can see the potential that our advisory membership clients are realizing from Noshee’s trading alerts.

Becoming a successful trader takes many years of intensive research, study, trial, and error, combined with commitment, determination, and developing the right mindset.

But, it doesn’t need to be that way. 

Our stocks and options trading courses lift the lid on the details of stock market trading that really make the difference between amateur and pro, moving your knowledge and skills quickly forward by years.

The fastest way to become a master in any subject

The fastest way to become a master in any subject is to be coached personally by a master

Mr. Noshee Khan is one of the very few masters of stock and options trading who is not only willing to share his knowledge but also has the exceptional ability to condense and convey the most difficult technical concepts in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way.

You will learn the specialist trading strategies and expertise he has refined and distilled from nearly two decades of trading experience, allowing you quickly to excel in stock and options trading yourself.

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to losses while leveraging the very best trading strategies to achieve maximum gains. Our stock and options courses quickly pay for themselves on this basis alone.

Maximise High Quality Tuition & Individual Attention

Trade Genie Offers Small Group Courses With Limited Availability To Maximise High Quality Tuition & Individual Attention.

Trade Genie’s stocks and options trading courses are in great demand and we can only take a limited number of participants per course in order to maintain the high standards of tuition and individual attention Noshee gives to each attendee.

Are passionate enough about achieving success in the markets through attending an in-depth online course where you learn how to trade stocks & options skilfully under the expert’s guidance?

If so, we urge you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to study directly with our master trader, who is a talented teacher, ready to give you the knowledge and trading secrets you need to help you transform your financial future.

Below are two courses with places currently still available.

Only 2 courses available

As course numbers are limited we kindly request you to apply early to avoid disappointment.

Duplicating Success
Mastering the Markets

Duplicating Success

The easiest way to duplicate the success of top traders is by adopting the trading strategies, mental state and methods that they execute every day to succeed.

Smart people know that to be successful, they need to model those who have already succeeded. The idea being, that if some traders can achieve extraordinary success, then other traders can achieve that success also.

We invite you to join our eight-session ‘Duplicating Success’ stock trading course and learn the professional trading techniques that the world’s most phenomenally successful traders perform every day to create continuous wealth for themselves and their families.

During this course, you will also get your hands on the proven psychological strategies that top traders adopt every day that make the difference between success and failure.

  • Coaching sessions are from 5 PM Pacific to 6:30 PM Pacific.
  • Two sessions per week.
  • Total coaching time is 12 hours.
  • Number of students are limited to 21.
  • Coaching program is designed for all levels of trading experience.
  • Pre-course study work is provided.
  • Course start date May 22, 2023
  • Course Fee $997
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Technical Analysis
Mastering the Markets

Technical Analysis

On this one-year stock trading course, our resident expert trader, Mr Noshee Khan, teaches you how to become a master trader yourself. Nothing is held back and the objective is to transform you into a highly profitable trading machine.

This one-year advanced coaching course will systematically solve your trading problems and reveal the professional trader’s secrets you will wish you had known long ago.

Every aspect of trading is covered, and all subjects are in relation to live trades in the markets. This is not a theoretical course but a practical one that goes far beyond the standard knowledge to be found online. Here you learn how to trade stocks and options skilfully under the expert’s guidance?.

As Mastering the Markets is our advanced investing in the stock market course, a reasonable level of trading experience and markets fundamentals knowledge, is essential before applying.

  • Number of students are limited to 21.
  • Coaching program is designed for all levels of trading experience.
  • Course start date June 05, 2023.
  • Application process – Apply for interview.
  • Interview time is two hours.

Course details are provided during the interview.

“Your coaching is the real deal. It teaches you the discipline necessary to succeed, the methods to get into and out of trades successfully, and how to build confidence in your trades. A semester at my local University of Toledo is roughly $9500. Your coaching is the length of two college semesters, and what I learned from it I can trade for the rest of my life.” Thomas L. (Toledo, Ohio, USA – January 21, 2021)

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These short webinars reveal deep insight into current trades in play as well as how trading strategies are used to their best effect, along with chart interpretation and much more.

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We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the trading success you have been looking for.

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